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Who has time to troubleshoot? Can you afford to disconnect everything, haul it to the local "repair" place and wait for them to let you know whether or not they can TRY to fix it? Most likely not.

    We're here for you...
  • Setup New/Existing Equipment
  • Install Hardware/Software
  • Repair & Recover Data/Systems
  • Protect & Clean
  • Help Desk & Answers


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  • Have an Existing Network?
  • Want a Server and Workstations?
  • Not sure where to start?
  • Moving Offices?
  • Looking for best practices?

What better resource to the Small Business than a server to centralize data and improve work effeciency? The computers, tablets, and phones in your office or home should talk with each other as smoothly as their users.


Word of Mouth for the 21st century means online and social. You don't need to be a expert in webdesign and marketing to benefit from a website and social media. How interactive you are with customers depends on how accessible you are.

  • WebDesign & Hosting
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing Campaign Consulting
  • General Business Training

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